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Is Smoothie Sabotage Ruining Your Diet? Avoid These 4 Biggest Pitfalls

Fruit smoothies are often advertised as a great healthy way to lose weight, or to supplement your diet with a nutritious drink. However, if you're not on the lookout for smoothie sabotage, these fruity drinks can do more harm than good. Fortunately, if you learn the right way to blend with this article, smoothies can remain an easy, tasty, AND healthy option for any meal of the day.Smoothie mistake #1The blender is NOT a calorie eliminator:The biggest mistake people make with smoothies is forgetting about how many calories they can have. Just because the ingredients are a drinkable puree, doesn't mean that all the calories of the original fruits aren't still there. Would you eat a watermelon wedge, one and one half bananas, an orange, and a handful of strawberries in one sitting? Probably not...but with a smoothie many people eat that much, and more. (And then wonder why their calorie count is off for the day) Let's solve itOften, people drink a smoothie, and have something else such as a bagel half, a sandwi...


Buying Organic Coffee

Organic coffee beans are a healthier and more natural alternative to regular coffee beans. Coffee is a $70 billion dollar industry worldwide making it the second most value commodity in the world behind crude oil. This sheer size of the industry's trade and ecological footprint means that coffee plantations have a huge environmental impact on the world. By only choosing organic coffee beans, you can play your part in reducing our impact on the natural environment. As more and more consumers demand organic coffee products, large coffee companies like Starbucks are being forced to purchase their products from more environmentally conscious suppliers. This is having an impact in the subtropical regions of the world where coffee is grown. In large coffee growing countries like Brazil, Costa Rica and Columbia, the movement toward organic and environmentally-friendly growing practices has decreased soil erosion, pollution of waterways and even cut down on the amount of rainforest that is cleared to make way for co...


Boost Your Health in a Refreshing Way through Iced Tea

Tea can be considered as one of the most loved beverages that you can find in the present world. Tea can be divided into many different types based on their properties and nature. Organic iced tea holds a prominent place out of them. Iced tea is associated with a variety of health benefits, which has contributed a lot towards its popularity. For example, it is filled with vitamins, anti-oxidants and many other elements that have the potential to bring positive effects to your body and health. In addition, it has the ability to create a rejuvenating effect in your body and keep your skin away from the signs of aging such as wrinkles.The taste and flavor of organic iced tea is different from all the other tea varieties available out there. It is planted and processed without the assistance of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Therefore, you will get the chance to enjoy a refreshing cup of tea that is loaded with many healthy ingredients. Moreover, its nutrients can assist you to stay away from many illness...


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